As we study the Bible, we discover that America is not mentioned in endtime prophecy. So what is the future for America in these last days?
The Bible predicts that Russia and her allies will invade Israel. Russia would not invade Israel as long as Israel has a Superpower ally like America. There is a strong possibility that America will be on the receiving end of a nuclear or chemical-biological attack involving other weapons of mass destruction. This attack will catch the American defence forces by surprise, not giving them chance for a pre-emptive strike or retalitory action. If you think that September 11th and the destruction of the Twin Towers was awful, then think again, because this attack that is likely to happen will eclipse anything that they as a nation have ever experienced before.


God puts a time limit on all ministers and ministries, we discover this as we read about many of the Bible characters and modern day revivalists. For example: Evan Roberts was greatly used by God to bring about the awesome Welsh Revival. Roberts ministry appeared to come to an abrupt end. I have heard ministers say that Roberts should have carried on in the revival work, but I believe that he made the right decision to pull out when he did. I believe that God was behind this decision, that is why it was a wise decision, because Roberts had completed that particular line of ministry that he had been called to by God. Roberts was a man who walked in tune with the Lord, and was not influenced by public opinion. Another example is the short time span of the ministry of Jesus Christ while here on earth, and the great impact that He accomplished in such a short time. Then He said, ' It is finished,' He had fulfilled His ministry. Then Jesus ascended to heaven to be at His Fathers side.
John the Baptists ministry had a short time span, and when he had fulfilled the will of God, God took him, God allowed him to be beheaded. If John had been allowed to carry on ministering beyond the appointed time limit of his ministry, then he would not have carried on in that mighty anointing that God had given to him. Even though John was great in the sight of the Lord, he didn't have a complete understanding of the ministry that Jesus would fulfil. John, like many others thought that Jesus would establish His physical and material kingdom on the earth at that time, that is why he said: "Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?" Matthew 11:3. John would have been thoroughly aquainted with Isaiah Isaiah 61:1-2, and the day of vengeance of our God, so he was probably expecting an eschatological judgement, which if ministered would have been in conflict with the ministry of Jesus Christ. The ministry of Jesus Christ eclipsed John's ministry at precisely the right time. It is interesting to note, that when Jesus entered the synagogue and read from the scroll of Isaiah, He didn't mention the day of vengeance of our God in relation to Himself and the scriptures He was reading, because it wasn't the time for that particular ministry of the Holy Spirit of God. Luke 4: 16-19.
The time for the ministry of, 'the day of vengeance of our God is now!', that is why we proclaim God's warning through this ministry, interpreting the end time signs to the church and the world about God's present day judgements on the earth, and the wrath to come.
We are approaching the time when the ministry of the American church will no longer be relevant to God's endtime plan. The ministry of God operates in phases, for example: it could be the phase on the emphasis of teaching to the church worldwide, or evangelism, or healing, in which a special powerful anointing is given through these particular ministries to the church at a certain time, to empower and equip the church for ministry to the world. We know that these ministries always operate alongside each other in the Kingdom of God, but I am talking about special anointed phases.
The endtime special anointing that God will give to His disciples is the prophetic anointing, which will also be used in prophetic evangelism. Many have prophesied over the years, some of the predictions have been accurate, and many of them have been entertaining nonsense that have not equipped the church by building solid foundations. God is going to put an end to all false prophetic teachings and predictions, by giving a new poweful anointing to those who are truly representing Him, the result will be, that those who say they are speaking in the name of the Lord out of their vain imaginations, false visions, cunningly devised fables, deceitful hearts and personal opinions, will be eclipsed by those who are the real ambassadors of Christ with an anointing that will be confirmed with signs following.
The distinction will be obvious between the true followers of the Lord and deceitful workers masquerading as the apostles of Christ, for there will be no ring of truth in the statements of these false prophets.
The church in Great Britain needs to wake up! especially many of the ministers in large churches, who have the responsibility to study the whole counsel of God. These ministers are foolish if they ignore or forbid the prophetic word of God to be ministered to their congregations. If they are only ministering on faith, bible teaching and evangelism and ignoring or rejecting the prophetic word of God, then they need to realise that they are not proclaiming the whole counsel of God to God's church. These ministers need to realise that God's prophetic word is not confined to the sole ministry of the prophet as described in the book of Ephesians, which is one of the fivefold ministry gifts given by Christ to His church. It is crucial that God's church hears His voice through the prophetic word of God in these days as we prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.
Ministers of churches need to realise that the church that they are shepherding is not theirs, it belongs to Christ, and Christ wants His church to hear His voice of direction in these days of tribulation. Church history proves that God can remove irresponsible ministers from leading His flock if they refuse to listen and obey His voice, even if they are leaders of large churches. There isn't a minister on the face of this earth that is too big for God to remove and replace with someone who will obey Him.
Even ministers who are well known celebrities or so called Christian Gurus need to fear God who is able to replace them with someone who will declare the whole counsel of God.
Ministers who reject God's prophetic word and the ministry of the prophet need to repent before God and make a fresh commitment to God before it's too late.
God will allow certain ministries that are not functioning properly to carry on for a certain time, but when it's time for change, then they will need to adjust accordingly. God is placing great responsibility on European ministers; much anointing will be given to accomplish the task, and because of this much will be required. We are at the heart of Europe, America isn't. Americans do not feel the pulse of European integration like we do, that is why their power of influence over the church and the world will be diminished in these end-times. Pioneer ministers do not minister from a distant land to the people they are called to minister to; they operate in the heart of the work. God's prophetic mantle has been passed on to the European church to accomplish this end-time task.
Just like John the Baptist began to lose his influence when Jesus appeared on the scene, so too will the American church lose its influence in Europe, because they will probably be preoccupied with their own internal problems as a result of the attack that they are likely to suffer. If the church in America was allowed by God to continue with her influence on the world, and especially Europe, then their ministry would be in conflict with the prophetic ministry given to the European church.
America will face a time of trial, and when that time arrives, the American influence both from the church and as a world Superpower will be greatly diminished at God's appointed time
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